Monday, October 7, 2013

Hairy Spider Cupcake

My son recently schooled me on spiders.  He made sure to let me know they're not an insect and that they have eight legs.  I mean, I  knew they had eight legs however I might have looked it up to make sure before I made these spider cupcakes.

Even when I was making them, he pointed out a spider cupcake that didn't have eight legs.  Very clearly, with the "duh" tone in his voice, he told me that spiders have to have eight legs.  I didn't want to point out to him that spiders also have two sections to their body and these spiders only have one.  I'm sure he'll point that out to me next year when we make these.  You know, when he's older and wiser...and in first grade.

I’m not really sure why spiders are associated with Halloween except for the creepy factor they have.  I guess the cobwebs of spiders past can make an old, haunted house even creepier.  I will say, though - the only spiders I like are chocolate variety you see here.

This chocolate cupcake is topped with chocolate buttercream frosting and lots and lots of sprinkles.  I like the sprinkles on this one because it makes the spider look hairy.  I’m tempted to call this a tarantula cupcake. 

Tarantula Cupcake

24 cupcakes
Chocolate buttercream frosting
48 mini M&M chocolatecandies
Black licorice laces or Twizzlers cut into thin strips – cut into pieces about 1- 1 ½ inches long


1.  Begin by frosting your cupcake with a generous amount of frosting.  I use a piping bag with no tip to make the icing pretty thick on top.

2.  Dip the frosted cupcake in the sprinkles to cover the entire frosting with sprinkles.

3.  Place 4 pieces of licorice on each side of the cupcake for legs.  You need to put it far enough into the icing to keep them in place.  If your icing isn’t thick enough, you may need to push the legs into the actual cake.

If you can't find licorice strings (like me) you can use licorice and cut the twists in half with kitchen shears.  Then cut the strips into 1 - 1 1/2 inch long pieces.  To the right is a picture of me cutting the licorice twists.

I wish I had purchased some licorice string online, though.  I think it would have looked better.  Next time, I'll get Kenny's black licorice laces like these:

4.  Put your mini M&Ms in the spider for eyes.

Easy, peasy, you have a creepy crawly eight-legged arachnid.

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