Thursday, October 10, 2013

Be-Witched Cupcakes

I made some of these chocolate witch hats that I posted about earlier today. While they were cute, I wasn't sure what to do with them besides look at them and eat them (which is really enough because those shortbread cookies are pretty darn good).  I wasn't having a party so I didn't need a cute platter of witch hats.  I decided to make cupcakes with them so I could share them with my husband's coworkers. And abracadabra, the Be-Witched cupcakes appeared!

Be-Witched Cupcakes

24 chocolate cupcakes
Orange frosting
Black frosting
White frosting
Black frosting
Green Mike & Ike candies

1.  Begin with your chocolate cupcakes and green frosting in a piping back with no tip.  Start in the center with your frosting and squeeze a “blob” on to the cupcake.  Make it tall enough that you’ll have room for the witch’s face.

2.  With your orange frosting in a bag with a small hole, drizzle “hair” on the top of the green icing.

3.  Top the hair with the Witch’s Hat you made.

4.  Add eyes with the white frosting in a bag with a small hole.

Or use the Wilton candy eyes that would be perfect for this.  In fact, the picture of the witch in the top right of the package looks a bit like this witch.

5.  Using the black frosting, at small dots in the middle of the white eye and add a squiggly mouth line to the bottom of the green icing.  

I used a bagged frosting but it's very drippy so you have to make sure you cut the hole extremely small and only use a very small amount of frosting or your eyes will be runny.

6.  Add teeth with the white frosting around the black mouth.  Place the green Mike & Ike into between the eyes and mouth, fat end into the frosting to make the nose.

7.  Top the witch with a few warts by placing dots of green icing on the tip of the nose and on the side of her face.

Your cupcakes have been Be-Witched!  My kids had a great time with these.

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